Mercado Abierto Electrónico – MAE

Mercado Abierto Electrónico – MAE

Nonprofit Association

Roberto Olson - President

Roberto Olson - President


Olson, Roberto

1st Vice-Chairman
Leon, Pablo

2nd Vice-Chairman
Negri, Fernando

Regular Director
Negri, Fernando

Iribarne, Miguel
Leon, Pablo
Olson, Roberto
Prieto, Marcos
Strada Rodriguez, Julia
Alcalde Bessia, Federico
Moreno, Jorge
Trejo, Juan Manuel
Nusenovich, Gustavo
Merlini, Julio
Scarinci, Jorge
Garcia, Daniel
Rosenthal, Alexia
Diez, Martin
Oliver, Hernan

Chief Commercial Officer
María Fernanda Gonzalez

Maipu 1210 – CABA


Phone: 5411 4590-6600 –

Main products and markets

– Primary and Secondary Negotiation
– (Government and Corporate) Fixed Income
– FX Market
– Derivatives: Future and Forward of currencies, rates, indices and fixed income securities. Rate swaps and indices

Main shareholders

The share capital of Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A. is represented by 2,424,000 ordinary shares and a total face value of $242,400 (pesos two hundred and forty-two thousand four hundred) entitled to 1 (one) vote per share. These shares are negotiable securities, authorized by the National Securities Commission within the framework of the public offering regime of the Argentine Republic, listed in for secondary trading in Mercado Abierto electrónico S.A. The main shareholders of MAE are national and foreign, provincial and municipal private banks, financial companies, exchange houses and brokers.

Trading hours

11 to 17 hs.

Brief history

 » Mercado Abierto Electrónico – MAE

MAE began its activities in 1989 and today is the most important electronic market for trading securities and foreign currency in Argentina. Fixed income securities, equities, currencies, interest rates, passes and derivatives are traded in the MAE.


MAE provides a platform that provides the following facilities:

–          Efficient, transparent, robust and secure real-time secondary trading, using priority-price-time, guaranteed and OTC operations.

–          Primary issues, including tenders for bills and bonds of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, sovereign and sub-sovereign bonds  and private issuers.

–          Clearing and Settlement of concerted operations in local and foreign markets.

It has more than 180 clients, including national and foreign private banks, provincial and municipal, financial companies, exchange houses, issuing corporations, among others.

MAE’s objectives are based on:

–          Provide a secure, stable and efficient platform for the agreement and registration of all operations.

–          Reduce the risks in each transaction.

–          Offer accurate information on market prices and volumes in a timely manner.

Clearing, settlement and depository services

MAE settles all Guaranteed Segment operations and Bilateral Segment, Primary Market and Forex operations that members wish. Ensures the principle of Delivery vs Payment -DVP-, for any operation, including transactions carried out outside the MAE. In the case of secondary trading operations in the guaranteed segment, MAE acts as a CCP. In the rest of the operations, MAE carries out the settlement through a multilateral net. The settlement system works in real time, therefore, each member can immediately check their positions.

Central counterparty - CCP

MAE fulfills the functions of CCP for all operations of the Guaranteed Segment and for the operations of the Bilateral Segment, Primary Market and Forex that members wish. All this is done through a proprietary system called MAEClear and in an automated way. Likewise, MAE allows the clearing and settlement of transactions that have been carried out outside this Market. In this way, each agent will have a single credit (or debtor) balance for each species and for each currency.

Member of the following organizations

– Cámara Argentina de Fintech

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